Our Dreams

10% Of Each Sale Goes To Charity


Get Better Life

Together we raise the money and awareness to provide opportunities to those of whom a basic standard of living seems impossible.


Stay Better Home

Partnering organisations that builds schools, trains teachers, provide essentials for improving living standards, funds scholarships & rescue animals.


Better Future

100% of the money raised goes directly towards helping children and animals in the countries that our partner charities work in.

School Supplies for Africa

Funds go towards helping children in Africa who are in dire need of school supplies. The average classroom lacks the basic essential school supplies that make for a quality educational experience. Together we can make dreams come true.

Help a stray dog

Strays are a problem in many communities, especially big cities where dogs often get lost or just plain abandoned. We provide resources to help rescue dogs from the streets & rehabilitate them. Together we can make dreams come true for you & furry friends.

10% of each sale
goes to charity