Are you ready to beat the heat in style this summer? Do we hear a hell yeah because Marshmallow Pops is here with our most fun collection yet! We want to be the Willy Wonka of the swimwear industry, with enticing prints that are oh-so-reminiscent of all your favorite candies- be it Cutie Tutti or Tutti Frutti. Our bikinis and swimsuits are a perfect blend of comfort and luscious. Oh, it gets better! You can twin with your little one and have a mommy and daughter’s day out in our matching prints. Our swimwear is of the highest quality while still being affordable. The materials are all ethically sourced and designed only by the best designers in all of Switzerland. We are as charitable as we are fun-loving! 10% of every purchase is directed towards a charity, which is central to our mission statement. So, are you ready to fall in love with swimwear? Go on then. Become a Marshmallow Popster today. ❤️