The Perfect Gift Idea for Little Princess 2022

It's hard to decide what to select as gifts for a princess on her birthday or any other occasion. It should be a toy or a nice dress. Right? We have some elegant gifts for a 3 year old princess or older. Your kids will love playing hours with toys.

Candylocks Dolls for Little Princes

How will you style Candylocks long hair? With hair so unique and soft the possibilities are endless! Make the look your own with accessories and bring their sweet personalities to life. Feeling inspired? Try the look on yourself!

Candylocks Dolls

These sweet-smelling collectible dolls have hair so soft it looks just like cotton candy! With 15 inches of colorful candy-inspired hair wrapped around them it’s a surprise who you’ll uncover!

Style and accessorize their hair any way you want! There are over 20 Candylocks dolls to collect (including one ultra-rare!), each with a delicious scent, yummy name, and super cute accessories. Candylocks Dolls are perfect gifts for a princess.

Candylocks Dolls
Unicorns Toy

Unicorns Toy - Gift from Rainbow Universe!

Meet the out-of-this-world unicorns of Uni-Verse! It's so much fun to unbox the surprise collectible unicorn hidden inside each of the 2-Pack's Uni-Verse clouds. This Unicorn Surprise Toy is one of the best gift idea for the kids above 3 years.

Dunk one of the emoji-inspired clouds in warm water and watch as it magically dissolves, changing the water's color, hinting at the world your Uni-Verse unicorn is from! It will be an amazing experience for your kids and they will enjoy playing with the Unicorn Surprise Toy

Unicorns Toy
Unicorns Toy
Unicorns Toy
Fully submerge cloud in warm water


Fully submerge cloud in warm water until dissolved.
Remove polybags from water


Remove polybags from water to reveal what's inside!
Tear open polybags to reveal contents


Tear open polybags to reveal contents and unwrap unicorn surprises!

Lollipets Toy - Litle Princess Will Love This Gift!

Meet the Lollipets – adorable little collectibles who really move!
Hold up their favorite sugary treat and they’ll scoot after it.
It is perfect gift idea for 3 years kids and up.
Which Lolllipet will you bring home?

Lollipets Toy

Lollipets Are Candy Lovers

Lollipets will do anything for their favorite treat! Hold their treat above to make them hop; behind to make them sprint; or beside to make them dodge!

Face your Lollipets toward each other and they'll be so happy, they smooch!

These toys are the perfect gift for your little princes. You can make your kids surprised on their birthdays or any occasion. Your kids will enjoy playing with the toys.