Marshmallow Pops Virtual Easter Egg Hunt Press Release

Belinda Pedol

Marshmallow Pops join the Virtual Easter Egg Hunt and support COVID-19 response in Switzerland.


Marshmallow Pops is the new swimwear retailer leading candy style apparel and cute accessories for women, girls, and children. The online store draws inspiration from the rich and vibrant world of candies, marshmallows, macaroons, popsicles, and all things pretty under the Sun. Navigate to the official website of Marshmallow Pops and savor the delightful feeling of exploring Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, while browsing through the enormous collections of colorful clothes and accessories.

At Marshmallow Pops, every dress, bikini, swimsuit, and accessory gives off candy world vibes. Choose from the colorful collections that include Sour Sweets, Wonka Rainbow, Sparkle Bomb, Candy Maze, Candy Swirls, Razz Matazz, Candy Rock, and Sherbet Stars. The names of the products will make your mouth water, and the products look so dainty and beautiful, that you can’t help but shop until you drop at Marshmallow Pops. The colorful look and feel of the e-commerce store and the candy themes never fail to appeal to the customers. So take a trip to the wonderland of Marshmallow Pops and fall in love with the play of colors and themes.


Marshmallow Pops supports COVID-19 response in Switzerland

Marshmallow Pops has recently launched a generous offer to help Hilf-Jetzt, the wonderful Swiss organization formed to help friends and family cope with the disaster of COVID 19. The online store is all set to make a kind donation of 10% of all the sales to the relief fund of Corona Virus cure and care. So, now it is the customer's turn to do their bit by shopping at Marshmallow Pops. That way, customers can donate to the charity of COVID 19 and have a funky and colorful dress to wear at the same time.

Join The Fun And Exciting Marshmallow Pops Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

What's more, Marshmallow Pops is organizing events too, for customers, and giving off exciting gift vouchers as prizes. That's right! With Easter knocking at the door, Marshmallow Pops wants to celebrate with all the customers. The colorful world of Marshmallow Pops is trying hard to spread Easter cheer like a ray of sunshine through the darkness and disease. Browse through the collections of Marshmallow Pops to take part in the Easter Egg Hunt Event. Help the cute and bubbly Easter Bunny collect the colorful Easter eggs that are scattered and hidden somewhere in the Collections section of Marshmallow Pops. Out of the ten colorful collection sets, five of them have hidden Easter eggs. The goal of the Easter Egg Hunt game is to collect the Easter eggs in time and email the details of which egg and in which collection to the email address of Marshmallow Pops. Stand a chance to bag attractive prizes that include gift vouchers of $25, $50, $100, and $150. Take part in the magical Easter game at Marshmallow Pops and shop more to win more.


Don’t Miss the Perky Accessories! They are Truly Delightful.

Check out the Accessories section too! Reconnect with your childhood and discover your childish love for pretty things at Marshmallow Pops. Surprise your kids with the colorful stickers of unicorns and baby foxes. Pamper yourself with the soft and luxurious bath towels, or lend a touch of popping color to your mobile phone with the Wonka Rainbow phone cases. Flaunt the classy yet pretty Sherbet Stars Bucket Hat or pack your slippers and bikinis in the Tutti Frutti Beach Bag to spend a day sunbathing at the beach. Make your Sunday movie breaks more special by relaxing on the vibrant Sour Sweets Bean bag Chair while munching on caramel popcorn. The accessories are super fun and so delightfully colorful that you will not be able to stop shopping.

Instagram Mums! You will simply love Marshmallow Pops for your darling princesses!

If you are done with shopping for accessories, then it is time to turn to the Kids section. Surprise your children with pretty swimsuits. If your child loves colors, then Sour Sweets Kids Swimsuit is perfect for your baby girl. If she is more into muted tones, then let her flaunt the black and white Tutti Frutti Kids Swimsuit. There are cute t-shirts too for young girls. Check out the array of candy theme T-shirts at Marshmallow Pops and step out in style with your child. Explore the colorful themes in the catalog before launching into a shopping spree. Fall in love with the sparkling colors and candy themes and have fun at Marshmallow Pops.

Need A Last Minute Easter Gift?
Marshmallow Pops Gift Vouchers Are Healthy Choice To A Sweet Gift. 

If you cannot figure out about how to surprise your friend’s daughter on Easter, then browse through the collections of Marshmallow Pops once again and get hold of the cute gift cards. At Marshmallow Pops, you can purchase gift cards too. Cut out the conventional gifts and surprise the lucky girl in your family with a delightful gift card for shopping exclusively at Marshmallow Pops. There is no additional processing fee for gift cards.