Oh God I just love Marshmallow Pops .... it is all just so sweet. 

Little Piglet aka Cutti Tutti here, just want to say thanks guys very sweet those of you who applaud me on my beachwear collection. Hope you love indulging in wearing rainbow bikini's and pink-poka-dot swimsuits and I hope you don't mind me forging ahead and mixing the two up together.
But when I was ask why? well it was because I can never make my mind up and that's why we have the reversible bikini and if you like me have no idea what makes you cute this is a great little number will do the trick, no matter which way you wear it.

I don't know but I love being a Marshmallow Popster  you know I adore candy and I love you guys and I also love the beach and even more so sitting pool side, the team here are always creating a very fun and delicious scene for me to play in and I so glad you can come and join us. 

Wrapping this up  oh ... I could stay here for a long time, I love love you guys and well I'll be busy making sure I bring you a collection that will make jaws drop.

Can I just say one more thing .... guys join our newsletter and become a Marshmallow Popsters I have cute little surprises for you XXXXX Bye Hugs